We Believe
The Bible - God wrote the Book to be inspired, unfailing and absolute truth

There is only one God - existent in; Father, Son and Holy Spirit

God became man - Jesus Christ through a virgin birth, lived a sinless life,
performed miracles, died an atoning death, rose from the dead,
and ascended to the right hand of the Father

Man - Created in God's image to have relationship with Him

Salvation - The only way to God is received by accepting Jesus Christ as Savior

Core Values
We Believe - PEOPLE matter to God
We Believe - RELATIONSHIPS are vital to life
We Believe - In being REAL
We Believe - In REACHING toward all people
We Believe - In LIVING LIFE passionately
We Believe - In LOVING GOD intentionally

el · e · vate

1 : to lift up or make higher,
2 : to improve morally, intellectually, or culturally,
3 : to raise the spirits of. And all of this is done by;

Loving God, Loving People, and Serving the World

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